Friday, October 1, 2010

Meg and the Maid

I am not a supporter of Meg Whitman, but the maid scandal is ridiculous. Many people do not automatically assume someone is lying. I live in Southern Cal and people come from all over the world under all kinds of situations. If someone has official identification and has been referred from an agency, most people--especially someone busy running a Fortune 500 company with a spouse who is also gainfully employed--do not spend the bulk of their time wondering whether the person who cleans their house while they are at work is lying about their legal status. Seriously. And the only reason I have heard of that people employ someone with legal issues is to pay under the table--there is no point going through all of the draconian motions of IRS paperwork if you are employing someone who is not eligible to receive benefits! Also, many spouses/partners--especially those where both are busy working-- do not necessarily spend their shared time discussing whether one of them gave the employee an innocuous note to follow up on what looked like a very mundane issue (a change of name could trigger the IRS not finding someone's SSN info). If my partner followed up with an employee, he would not share this info with me unless there was something amiss that I needed to continue to follow up on. We are both competent adults (as, I assume, are Meg Whitman and her husband) and these are just not the types of issues that most partners/parents/working people obsess over.

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