Friday, October 1, 2010

How do I meet this Josh Peterson fellow?

So anyone who has attempted to set up a blog through google gets a choice of templates. Kind of like Powerpoint or those moody business card templates you can create online. All of the templates look pretty much alike (why does the "simple" template with the fake books look like that Olin Mills school portrait backdrop from the mid 1970s??) and are all credited to design whiz Josh Peterson (RISD? Parsons???) .  Does the Talented Mr. Peterson get royalties every time someone is strong-armed into using one of his cutting-edge templates because google won't let you register the damned blog until you do? Who is this Josh Peterson and how did he get a monopoly on the templates? Actually, a Monopoly-themed template would be sort of cool, now that I think about it. I wonder if I can find Josh on Facebook and float him that idea. Or maybe he is more of a Linkedin person.. if he exists at all. Not MySpace, please.... I picture him more of a socially awkward cubicle sitter than a tween on a laptop...


  1. I recently changed all the colors in one of Josh's templates and I did spend a few seconds wondering whether he'd be pleased or irritated.

  2. I am constantly second-guessing my template decisions :)