Friday, October 1, 2010

Type A Ebay

It happened again. 1) Job and 2) kids got in the way of the important work of Ebay bidding. I miscalculated my schedule and when I got home I was dismayed to see that the Sandy Koufax/Don Drysdale autograph set had ended and the winning bid was less than even I was going to shell out. I purposely didn't put in my higher bid before leaving 1) work to pick up 2) kids because I didn't want to drive the price up. But now  I will have to continue to monitor until a similar gem comes up. Of course, the irony of 1) job and 2) kids preventing me from scoring on ebay is that the items I am bidding for are actually for 1) job and 2) kids. Earlier in the week I stalked used keyboards for my work computer because apparently pretzel salt from a midmorning-carbo-craving snack can get wedged in the keyboard and render the space key utterly useless. Who would have thought? And the aforementioned Koufax/Drysdale find is me channeling my inner Santa way too early to get holiday gifts for my son. I hope once he figures out that his dear mom is behind all these awesome and stressful-to-obtain gifts, he will be appropriately appreciative. If not this year, by next year?

By the way, it is a minor miracle that this blog is even registered at all (is it??). Typing in those pesky verification codes over and over and having them summarily rejected is not only time-consuming, but not so great for the self-esteem, I must say. But here it is, and if I am ever able to find this website again to post, it will be another minor miracle... in a nondenominational way, of course.

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